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Kerri-Anne is applying for an AMP Scholarship to support her with her teacher training. You can follow this link to vote for her in the Peoples Choice Award. 

Te Anau Yoga teacher Kerri-Anne Edge

“I want to ensure that the practice of Yoga becomes a permanent offering for all individuals in our isolated Southland community.”

The nature of my goal
My goals are to complete my foundation training as a yoga teacher and to ensure that yoga becomes a permanent offering through establishing a not-for-profit organisation that supports the growth of yoga in our community. I am a dedicated practitioner of yoga who has experienced first-hand the enormous health benefits that a regular yoga practice can offer. I also come from Te Anau in rural Southland where there are limited opportunities for individuals to be “coached” in activities that promote physical and emotional well-being. Many people who participate regularly in some form of yoga experience greater mobility and are healthier and more relaxed than they would be from participating in some other physical activity alone. I began teaching yoga in 2007 as there were no other classes on offer and our previous teacher had moved away. As I am untrained I am limited in what I can teach. Through appropriate training I will be better equipped to teach to a diverse range of ages/ abilities and will be more aware of the health benefits and contraindications of different poses; the intention being that yoga will become accessible to a greater number of people within the community. In keeping with the yogic philosophy of giving my intention has also been to establish a not-for-profit organisation that supports the provision of regular yoga classes and workshops in the Southland Region.

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