Registration is now open for a Fiordland April Intensive with Jason Magness and Chelsey Gribbon

Make sure you secure yourself a spot for this exciting yoga intensive of transformative yoga practices including flowing asana sequences, AcroYoga, and Slackline Yoga.

Where:Te Anau, Fiordland, N.Z.

Jason & Chelsey

When: April 1-3 and 4th (optional) 2011.
To register e-mail

Early-bird discounts apply prior to Feb 1st 2011:
Members early-bird 3 day workshop $200, after Feb 1st $260 (add $50 for 4th day)
Non-members early-bird 3 day work shop $240, after Feb 1st $300 (add $60 for 4th day)
Note: payment is inclusive of yoga instruction and does not cover accommodation or meals.

Cancellations prior to:
February 1st will be refunded the total amount less 10%.
February 2nd and March 15th (inclusive) will be refunded the total amount less 20%.
March 15th and 24th (inclusive) will be refunded the total amount less 50%.
March 25th and commencement of workshop: A 50% refund will only be given with the provision of medical certificate.

Venue: Turnbull Room, The Distinction Te Anau Hotel and Villas

Accomodation and other activities: There are plenty of accommodation options in Te Anau and most places will be within easy walking distance of the venue. Cosy Kiwi Bed and Breakfast are offering discounted accommodation to people registering for this workshop. Visit for more information and just let them you you are attending. Go to the Destination Fiordland site for information on accommodation and other activities in Fiordland

Jason Magness

Jason Magness is an advanced Ashtanga practitioner, AcroYoga teacher, professional athlete, and founder of the YogaSlackers – Jason has been combining his passions for yoga and adventurous exploration for the last 15 years. He believes firmly in the importance of practicing yoga on the mat, and as far off the mat as possible. He has studied extensively with masters from around the world, but credits Gaia (the living earth) as his primary teacher. His inspirational exploits and teaching receives international attention, and he has been featured by ESPN, ABC, MS-NBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, and many others.View YogaSlackers website and media links here.

Chelsey Gribbon


Chelsey Gribbon has been taking her practice off the mat since the day she was born. Her insatiable free spirit has led her to becoming somewhat of a modern day renaissance woman. Part professional racer, yogini, rock climber, acrobat, slackliner, and lover of all rivers, Chelsey blurs the lines between adventure and yoga by coaxing her students out of their comfort zone and into new realms of experience. As a member of the YogaSlackers, she teaches vinyasa, slackline yoga, and acro yoga that are inspired by her outdoor passions. She is a twice certified yoga instructor and a life long student of the mountains, rivers, oceans and elements of mother earth.

Check out this interview with Jason and Chelsey on the Yoga Lunchbox: Interview with Jason and Chelsey.

Full Programme: 3-day Intensive option
Friday, 5-8pm: Fundamentals of AcroYoga – Blending the elements of Vinyasa Yoga, Acrobatics & Thai massage, AcroYoga is a powerful tool for transformation. Learning to trust & be confident, exploring the need for strength & surrender, AcroYoga is a physical & emotional balancing act. The basic tools can be used by yogis, bodyworkers & athletes (amazing for climbers) to greatly enhance their sport or practice. No partner necessary, some basic yoga (or other body awareness practice such as rock climbing) is helpful.

Saturday, 9:30am – 12:30pm: Gravity as the Guru – The ancient yogis gleaned much of their practices from looking toward nature and then emulating it. We’ll return to this practice with an intense class that includes inversions, balancing, backbending, vinyasa, and lots of fun. We will work with partners as we advance the practice, and through mutual support and trust we’ll all end up taking a look over our personal edge – wherever it may be.

Saturday, 2pm-5pm: Redefining Balance – Take your practice (whether it be climbing, running, yoga or other) to an entirely new level. We will be reshaping your definition of balance by teaching basics of yoga on a slackline & on another person. Come see what it is like to play with your own & someone else’s energy in a refreshing, new way. We will begin with a vinysasa warm up, then move into Acroyoga and the basics of the slackasana series including standing, walking on the line, kneeling, sitting, arm balancing & even going upside down. This is a great way to improve your overall strength & balance for your asana practice on & off the mat!

Saturday, 6pm-8pm: Thai and Fly – The Nectar of the AcroYoga practice. Through theraputic leg love and flying massage, we’ll work to connect with the subtler energies of the body as we coax our spines, hips, ankles, wrists and shoulders into a passive place of peace. The lines of giving and receiving become blurred as we transition from flying to leg love and back again. The evening will begin and end with a blend of our voices in simple but powerful chanting.

Sunday, 9:30am – 12:30pm: The Yoga of Acrobatics – Confidence, concentration, trust & agility are all elements that support the embodiment of an acrobat & can help any person feel more empowered in their daily lives. By expanding the range of the physical body, we learn to trust ourselves & others, realizing our collective potential. As we remove self-imposed limits, we are walking on the path towards liberation. The elements shared in this class consist of: Tattsvadarzin asana sequence, partner balance, acrobatic flying, inversions & amp; spotting techniques. With these new tools students have a fresh perspective to enhance their practice & amp; their approach to others.

Sunday, 2-5pm: The Continuous Thread – The yogic principle of “live in the moment” doesn’t tell the whole story. As we close the weekend, we will work toward taking the experiences of the days before, and blending them with the possibilities of the future. Learning not to “live in the moment”, but to “live in all moments”. Life and Death are one thread – one line seen from opposite ends, and all experience lies between.

Extra day: Monday April 4th – Extension and Belief “Jedi Training” – This is the business. As we move beyond the fundamentals of any practice, the force of the individuals will comes more and more into play. This full day workshop will set the bar high, asking students to tap into “the force” (in yoga we call it prana). In order to expand what is possible in the physical practice, we must first learn to realise that possibility in our mind. We’ll work with this principle on the slackline, partner balance, acroyoga, handstands, advanced vinyasa, and long duration asana. Intended to be a serious extension of the weekend’s work, or for those with a strong personal practice. PreReqs: Attendance of the weekend, OR basic acroyoga experience, headstand, handstand at wall, no serious injuries.

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