Interested in a personal yoga practice?

ChakraFireHands.jpgIn the past TAY has hosted a variety of yoga workshops aimed at supporting yoga students establish a personal “home” practice.  We have a variety of resources in our library that some of you may have used in this pursuit such as Forty Days of Yoga. This year we would like to try something new; we would like to open up the space for an hour a week for you to come and do your own self-led practice.  We recognise that some of you may want a helping hand with where to start in this journey.  Therefore we would like to run a 6-week block course where you will be taught a sequence that can be practiced in part or in whole (say 10 min up to an hour) and after six weeks we will continue to have the room open for you to come and practice.

If this concept appeals to you please e-mail your teachers at with “self’practice” in the subject heading.  Share your thoughts and let us know the time of day you would be most likely to participate.

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