New Thursday Class: Energise the Spine with Tammy Magness

energize spine

Do you sit a lot? I do. I have a comfortable chair…and a comfortable couch. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting in one of them and reading a good book. This is after a long day of sitting in a less comfortable chair in front of my computer. Even I – a long-time practitioner of yoga – find it challenging to maintain optimal posture through all of the sitting. What to do about this? Energise the spine!

In yoga we say that you are as young as your spine is flexible. The Energize the Spine class focuses on the movements of the spine: forward bending, back bending, side bending and twisting using various postures. When we move the spine in all of these directions we release tension, increase flexibility and breathe easier. This class is a terrific way to take a break mid-day. Join me on Thursdays from 12:05pm-1pm.



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