May Workshop with Peggy Preston

Peggy PrestonTe Anau Yoga will be hosting Peggy Preston, founder and former owner of Studio Sangha and Bikram Yoga Queenstown in Te Anau on May 30th and 31st. 


Peggy will be teaching two mini-workshops for TAY.  Peggy has recently sold her two yoga studios and wants to get back to her core  teaching. Some of you may recall that we hosted Peggy several years ago for a number of workshops which were a great success. Peggy will be teaching a 2 hour workshop on Friday evening 5:30-7:30 am and a 2 1/2 hour workshop Saturday am 9:30-12:00 pm. Places are limited so please book now to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Friday 5:30-7:30 – Slow and Steady Dynamic Hatha. A perfect way to end your week. We will focus on alignment and ease. This practice will also include some Pranayama as well as finishing with a restorative Yoga Nidra. Suitable for all levels. New students welcome. 

Saturday- 9:30-12pm – Vinyasa Flow. A dynamic, energising flow practice, finishing with some deep holds, hip opening and supported inversions. A great place to learn a flow practice and get in to the groove! Suitable for all levels, some yoga experience advised.   

TAY Members: Fri eve $25, Sat am $30, or $50 for both

Non-Members Fri eve $30, Sat am $35, or $60 for both

Peggy also sells high quality yoga clothing from the USA and Canada. These brands are only available in New Zealand from her and a limited number of studios that she supplies directly, so her visit to Te Anau will provide a great opportunity to purchase some well-priced yoga clothing (I can personally recommend theses clothes as well-wearing and a comfortable fit, – it’s pretty much all I wear for practice).  The fabrics are natural/ mostly organic.

To make a workshop booking: E-mail to confirm which classes you would like to attend to ensure there is still a space.  I will will confirm availability at which time you need to pay to confirm your booking (either at class by cash or cheque) or via internet banking to TAY: 03-1749005354700.  To receive the TAY membership discount you need to be a paid-up member for 2014 ($20). Cancellation fees will apply.  

No classes Easter Weekend

Please note that Kerri-Anne will not be teaching this Easter Weekend (Monday April 21st) or Southland Anniversary Holiday (Tuesday April 22nd).

See you back at class on April 28th.


KL GlenorchyKara-Leah Grant is passionate about yoga.  She writes about yoga, teachers yoga, and is the founder & editor of, New Zealand’s highly popular on-line yoga magazine.  Earlier this year Kara-Leah also released her first book ‘Forty Days of Yoga: Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice’.  She will be teaching in Te Anau the last weekend in September, and hopes this workshop will give people the tools to establish their own personal practice.

Te Anau Yoga teacher and workshop host Kerri-Anne Edge said: “Most people notice some benefits from attending a couple of weekly yoga classes.  They gain a degree of strength and flexibility, breathe better, and feel grounded and calm after class.  The real benefits, however, come from a consistent daily practice; even if it’s short, say 10 or 20 minutes.  A personalised home practice is about developing a deeper awareness of what you require today, to support yourself for life.  It’s not about over-doing it in a 2hr session because that’s the only time you’ve scheduled to get on your mat this week.  Group classes definitely have an important place with regard to instruction, they’re social and community-focused, and there is undeniably a collective energy which supports the individual in a class setting”.

So while millions of yoga practitioners are attending classes, workshops and retreats around the world – twenty million yoga students in the USA alone – relatively few struggle to fit it into their busy, modern-day lives.

Through Kara-Leah’s book and teaching she provides solutions. She’s had a consistent regular home yoga practice for eight years and has an intimate understanding of the psychological process required in making yoga a priority.  Kara-Leah takes readers on a journey into their lives and into their psyches so they can understand what they need to shift and change to practice yoga daily. She skilfully shares a deeper understanding of the essence of yoga while using worksheets that prompt readers to challenge the ideas that prevent them from practicing yoga daily.

“It’s not enough to say ‘I want to practice yoga at home’,” says Kara-Leah. “You need to assess your life, observe your mind and design a strategy that supports your needs. Otherwise, yoga just becomes one more thing to do on your never-ending to-do list.”

Far more than a how-to book, Kara-Leah doesn’t tell readers where to put their feet in downward dog or their hips in warrior one. Instead, she outlines principles of asana practice that help practitioners find their own way into yoga.

“Ultimately yoga is a personal practice. It meets us where we are, with what we need,” Says Kara-Leah. “Only when we begin to practice at home can we tune into what those needs are and respond.”

Forty Days of Yoga is available online and will be discounted for workshop attendees.

For full workshop details visit Bookings essential.

About Kara-Leah:

Initially drawn to yoga because of chronic back issues and fears of requiring a second spinal fusion (she had her first at 16 years old), Kara-Leah has been practising yoga consistently since 2000. In 2004 she experienced two episodes of psychosis and turned to a home yoga practice as the foundation of her recovery. Now passionate about the benefits of regular home yoga practice for physical, emotional and mental well-being, Kara-Leah believes that if 20% of our population practised yoga at home regularly we’d experience a major tipping point in society. Many of the serious issues facing our society today – increasing mental illness, increased addiction and abuse issues, increased incarceration, an ageing population, a health system in crisis – could be positively impacted by widespread yoga practice. And yes, the research backs this up!

About The Yoga Lunchbox:

Launched in 2008, The Yoga Lunchbox is New Zealand’s online yoga magazine with more than 600 articles, plus Skype interviews with prominent yoga teachers and videos. Thousands of people every month turn to The Yoga Lunchbox to find out more about yoga and how to integrate their yoga practice into their every-day life.

Introductory Yoga Course

hands yogaOur next introductory course begins August 1st and runs for six consecutive weeks on a Thursday evening 5:45-7 pm.  The course covers the fundamentals of yoga asana (posture) and pranayama (breath), with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment, and connecting movement with the breath.   Suitable for beginners, or more experienced practitioners who want to re-connect with their practice and get back to the basics.  Taught by certified Yoga Teacher Kerri-Anne Edge at the Community Room, Fiordland Medical Centre.

Investment: Te Anau Yoga Members $48, non-members $65

For bookings please e-mail Kerri-Anne at


Kerri-Anne will be returning to her hometown Whangarei to teach this April

Exploring the barriers to personal practice

IMG_8082-001Certified Yoga Teacher, Kerri-Anne Edge (Te Anau, N.Z.) will be offering a short workshop in Whangarei including gentle breath-based asana, pranayama and deep relaxation.  A personal yoga practice can be profoundly beneficial: listening to your inner guru (inner wisdom), simplicity and consistency in your practice are fundamental.

I’m returning to my hometown with my 5 year old son for the school holidays.  Time to catch up with family and friends and enjoy the warmth, the beaches, and the Farmers Market.  I’d love you to join me for this short workshop where we will work with a simple breath-based sequence of asana that  you can practice anywhere.  We will explore the barriers that we perceive to practicing yoga daily, learn about some of the wonderful resources that are available to support you, and most importantly remind ourselves of the value in listening to and understanding ourselves.

Beginners Welcome!

Sunset yoga

When: Sunday April 28th 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Where: Whangarei Parents Centre 13a Te Mai Rd

Investment $40

For bookings e-mail

Cancellation fees will apply.

hands yoga

AcroYoga evening with Garrett Ferderber

Te Anau Yoga will be hosting American AcroYoga teacher Garrett Ferderber for a two-hour workshop on Monday March 18th from 6:45-8:45 pm.  This session will replace our normal Mixed-level Monday class.

Cost is $20 for Te Anau Yoga  members and $30 casual.  Bookings are essential and numbers will be limited. To book e-mail Kerri-Anne at
At this stage the venue will be the Community Room at the Medical Center but may change depending on the level of interest.  This two hour session is open to people of any ability and experience level. Garrett will get a sense of the range of ability and interest of the attendees and create a plan that will allow everyone to participate at their own pace.  The session will include a short warm-up, a verbal check-in, learning some basic skills and poses and then combining some of those basic skills into a flow.  The session will end with some Yoga Massage (or “leg love” as we call it).  Come alone or with friends, no partner is required.

DSCF7207Garrett was born and raised in Ely, Minnesota, on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN where he works as the general manager of ReGo Electric Conversions, a small company that performs plug-in hybrid vehicle conversions.  He has been been involved in theater  music, dance and other performing arts, but has recently fallen in love with AcroYoga.  For the last two and a half years he has practiced and performed with a Minneapolis based troupe, The Fly By Nights.  The troupe and its educational counterpart, AcroYoga MPLS, lead a variety of classes and attend events such as Acrogasm and AcroCamp to stay abreast of all that is new and exciting in the acro world.

Introductory Yoga Courses

Te Anau Yoga is now offering regular introductory yoga courses for beginners

Relaxing-Yoga-practice-in-Amsterdam-352753-377347soIn 2012 Kerri-Anne taught two 6-week (6 classes) introductory yoga courses back-to-back, such was the demand from the community for a class that catered specifically for the beginner.  And a few more experienced yogi’s put up there hands too, as a way of re-establishing their practice and being part of our growing yoga community in the Te Anau and Manapouri basin.  In 2013 we have made a strong commitment to offer classes for both beginner and intermediate level students and to continue with the introductory courses to meet this demand.  Our next course commences February 21st and runs for 6 consecutive Thursday evenings 5:45-7pm.  Cost is $65 and includes membership to Te Anau Yoga for 2013.  For bookings e-mail:

Off the Mat 2012 – AcroYoga and slackasana workshop with Jason & Chelsey Magness

Jason & Chelsey Magness are hard to pin down in a few sentences. Both certified AcroYoga teachers, Chelsey is one of only two teachers that has received certifications from both AcroYoga groups in North America. Jason is one of the co-founders of the YogaSlackers, and together they have trained and taught across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and the Middle East. With backgrounds in Ashtanga Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, Dutch Acrobatics, Tibetan meditation, Thai massage, Slackline, rock-climbing, and ultra-endurance adventure sports this dynamic duo use their teaching to help their students (and themselves) constantly re-asses what it possible and to radically expand the limits of physical and mental potential. They’ve been featured by ESPN, ABC, MS-NBC, New York Times, Wend Magazine, Wall Street Journal and have been fortunate to teach at such esteemed establishments as Yoga Journal Conferences, Kripalu, Omega Institute, and Wanderlust. For more info about Jason & Chelsey:

Workshop Programme:

Friday, 5-8pm: Fundamentals of AcroYoga – Blending the elements of Vinyasa Yoga, Acrobatics & Thai massage, AcroYoga is a powerful tool for transformation. Learning to trust & be confident, exploring the need for strength & surrender, AcroYoga is a physical & emotional balancing act. The basic tools can be used by yogis, bodyworkers & athletes to greatly enhance their sport or practice. No partner necessary, some basic yoga (or other body awareness practice such as rock climbing) is helpful.

Saturday, 9:30am – 12:30pm: Redefining Balance – Take your practice (whether it’s climbing, running, yoga or other) to an entirely new level. We will be reshaping your definition of balance by teaching basics of yoga on a slackline & on another person. Come see what it is like to play with your own & someone else’s energy in a refreshing, new way. We will begin with a vinysasa warm up, move into Acroyoga and the basics of the slackasana series including standing, walking on the line, kneeling and sitting, arm balancing & even going upside down. This approach is a great way to improve your overall strength & balance for your asana practice on & off the mat!

Saturday, 2pm-5pm: Gravity as the Guru – The ancient yogis gleaned much of their practices from looking toward nature and then emulating it. We’ll return to this practice with a class that includes inversions, balancing, backbending, vinyasa, and lots of fun. We will work with partners as we advance the practice, and through mutual support and trust we’ll all end up taking a look over our personal edge – wherever it may be.

Saturday, 6pm-8pm: Thai and Fly – The Nectar of the AcroYoga practice. Through theraputic leg love and flying massage, we’ll work to connect with the subtler energies of the body as we coax our spines, hips, ankles, wrists and shoulders into a passive place of peace. The lines of giving and receiving become blurred as we transition from flying to leg love and back again. The evening will begin and end with a blend of our voices in simple but powerful chanting.

Sunday, 9:30am – 12:30pm: The Yoga of Acrobatics – Confidence, concentration, trust & agility are all elements that support the embodiment of an acrobat & can help any person feel more empowered in their daily lives. By expanding the range of the physical body, we learn to trust ourselves & others, realizing our collective potential. As we remove self-imposed limits, we are walking on the path towards liberation. The elements shared in this class consist of: Tattsvadarzin asana sequence, partner balance, acrobatic flying, inversions & amp; spotting techniques. With these new tools students have a fresh perspective to enhance their practice & amp; their approach to others.

Sunday, 2-5pm: The Continuous Thread – The yogic principle of “live in the moment” doesn’t tell the whole story. As we close the weekend, we will work toward taking the experiences of the days before, and blending them with the possibilities of the future. Learning not to “live in the moment”, but to “live in all moments”. Life and Death are one thread – one line seen from opposite ends, and all experience lies between.

Friday evening and Saturday sessions are open to people who have a minimum of 6 months asana practice. Sunday’s sessions are open to participants who have completed the Friday and Saturday sessions or individuals with previous acro-yoga experience.

A non-refundable deposit to Te Anau Yoga Inc. of $50 is required to reserve your place at Off the Mat 2012. Pay before December 17th and save yourself $60 on the registration fee. To make your booking please e-mail for payment options.

TAY Members:
Early-bird price (before December 16th)
Fri/ Sat $200 (4 sessions) or Fri/Sat/Sun $300 (6 sessions)
from Dec 17th Fri/Sat $260 or Fri/Sat/Sun $360

Early-bird (before December 16th)
Fri/ Sat $230 or Fri/Sat/Sun $330
from Dec 17th Fri/Sat $290 or Fri/Sat/Sun $390

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations prior to February 1st will be refunded the total amount less your $50 deposit.
Cancellations from February 2nd to and including February 16th will be refunded the total amount less 50%.
Cancellations from February 17th to the commencement of workshop: A 50% refund will only be given with the provision of medical certificate.

Jason & Chesley


Yoga Workshop – Kara-Leah Grant November 11th

The Power of Presence – Unravelling the stories that shape your yoga practice

It’s not just our bodies that shape our experience of yoga, it’s also our minds. Paying attention to our minds as we practice can profoundly shift our experience on the mat.In this three hour exploratory workshop facilitated by Prana Flow yoga teacher Kara-Leah Grant, we’ll examine the ideas, stories and beliefs each of us has about yoga in general, about our bodies, and about our practices.

Through the power of attention, and intention, we’ll decide which of these ideas, stories and beliefs empower us and our practice, and which ideas, stories and beliefs no longer serve us. Expect to share, breath, practice, laugh, learn, wonder and delight.


Please e-mail to register. Payment in full ($40 for TAY members and $50 for non-members) is required to reserve your place (limited to 18 persons).

Time: 6-9:00 pm

Venue: Fiordland Medical Centre Community Room.

More about Kara-Leah:  A story-teller and yoga teacher, Kara-Leah is fascinated by the way our minds and psyches shape our bodies and experiences on the yoga mat. Currently wrapping up her 200 Hr Prana Flow Certifcation with Shiva Rea, Kara-Leah is the founder and editor of The Yoga Lunchbox, New Zealand’s on-line yoga magazine, and solo mum to her toddler son.

You can read more about Kara-Leah in her Yoga Lunchbox Teacher Profile.

Yoga for Men workshop Sunday September 25th

Te Anau Yoga teachers Kerri-Anne Edge and Nick Hight will be offering a short introductory workshop for men wanting to experience and learn more about the benefits of a regular yoga practice on September 25th from 5-6:30pm at the Fiordland Medical Centre Community Room. It will be a one-off class particularly aimed at beginners. Cost is $10. For more information ph: Kerri-Anne 03-2497170, e-mail

Whether you are training for the Kepler Challenge, engaged in a strenuous and physical occupation, high impact sport, or are just plain sedentary, yoga could be just the thing you need. In fact yoga is often what men need because it is the opposite of what they do about 90% of the time. Yoga helps to bring balance, keep a range of motion in the joints, prevent soft tissue injuries and build bone density. While we have to admit there are some activities that fall by the wayside as we get older, yoga can be with us for life.

While a small number of men regularly attend class in Te Anau, it is generally woman who participate – about 80% – and this trend is not uncommon. Even in the US where yoga is more main stream, 77 percent of the yoga practitioners surveyed by the American Yoga Journal in 2005 were female. Often just getting to a class is the first obstacle. The excuses I often hear are I’m too busy to make it a priority, too inflexible,…coupled with the excuses you don’t hear: afraid of not being able to do something in class full of women, afraid it will hurt, afraid of how they might be perceived by their peers.

Getting men to identify with yoga in the West is a challenge partly because influential role models that brought yoga to the West in the 1900s were women. Russian born Indra Devi, who emigrated from India to the US in the 1940s, was championed by famous cosmetics designer Elizabeth Arden who encouraged her (female) customers to try yoga. Other male teachers used woman to demonstrate yoga poses. By the 1970’s yoga was generally perceived in the west as something for “housewives”, despite the fact that yoga has been mainly taught and practised by men for thousands of years in India.

And guys, if you think you are too macho for yoga then think again. The All Blacks, the Welsh rugby squad and Aussie rugby league clubs are among many professional sports teams that include yoga as part of their training program with an emphasis on flexibility and injury prevention.
We are especially keen to introduce more men in the community to yoga right now. Yoga is a perfect way to compliment the high impact and physical training required for events like the Kepler Challenge. It also trains the mind to work differently. This aspect can be very beneficial in preparing for competitive events like the Kepler or simply dealing with daily stress where there is considerable pressure on us to excel.

Te Anau Yoga will also be hosting American yoga teachers and professional athletes Jason Magness and Chesley Gribbon for a 3-day workshop in March 2012 which will include elements of yoga on a slackline and acroyoga. Jason and Chelsey taught a similar workshop in Te Anau earlier this year and we had our highest participation rate of men than any other workshop that we have hosted.

Acroyoga workshop hosted in Te Anau in March 2010 with (Left to Right) Chelsey Gribbon, Jane Tansell, Nick Hight and Jason Magness

While this type of yoga really appeals to a lot of guys, participants will need to have a minimum of six months experience practicing yoga to attend so now is the perfect time to begin attending a regular class. (note: If you watch U-tv you may have seen Jason and Chelsey on Ultimate Sports recently in Team “Gear Junkies” blitzing the field in a Patagonian adventure race to come second.