Classes, Fees & Membership

Classes are $15 for casual/cash payment in class or $100 for a 10 class concessions card.

Payment for concessions cards can be made via bank transfer to account number 03-1749-0053547-000, account name Te Anau Yoga, Inc. Email at the time of purchase and we will have your card ready and waiting for you at your next class.

Classes are held in the Community Room in the new Te Anau Medical Centre Building (behind the SAR/ Heartland Services Building), Luxmore Drive, Te Anau. Please enter at the rear of the building and leave your shoes outside the room.

Class descriptions

Evening Yoga: In this class we will be working on the three physical aspects of yoga – flexibility, strength and balance. The main focus will be on the asana – the yoga postures, performed in harmony with the breath and aimed at developing the three aspects of our physical body listed above, but also touching on how practicing yoga can help us maintain inner well-being, including mental strength, flexibility (agility) and balance (calmness).

Short meditation, calming and centering body and mind, in preparation for the class (5 min). The intention for the class will be communicated here. Examples of intentions may be breath awareness, releasing tension, grounding and balancing, or focusing on specific parts of the body, such as shoulders and upper body, leg muscles, core muscles, hip opening etc.

Warm up – simple exercises to prepare the body for the main part of the class (10 min)

The Asana – the main part of the class, will consist of a number of postures to support the intention given at the start of the class. This may include standing postures, lunges, gentle back bends, and vinyasa sequences linking a number of postures into asana flows. (35-40 min)

Cooling down – sitting postures such as forward folds and twists. (10 min)

Relaxation/Savasana – Resting and relaxing the body and mind. (10-15 min)

Flow into Stillness: We are busy human beings and, in actuality, could be aptly renamed as “human doings”. In this class we will explore vinyasa yoga as a means of moving into the stillness of guided meditation, balancing movement and stillness to create calm, clarity and connection. Class will be approximately 45 minutes of vinyasa yoga, followed by 10 minutes of breathing practice.

No previous yoga experience is required.

Relax and Unwind: This class is a Hatha Yoga practice designed to fit in with your day time schedule. The class structure is similar to Alina’s evening class but each part is a bit shorter. Focus is on restorative postures and gentle stretches to help you unwind.

No previous yoga experience is required.

Hatha Yoga: This class is Hatha Yoga, which is my case is a gentle, slower-paced stretching using the breathe to unwind and release tension in the body or mind, while building strength and flexibility with a strong focus on relaxation at the duration of the class.



Annual membership

Membership to Te Anau Yoga Inc. is $10.00 and runs January 1 – December 31st.

Perks of a Te Anau Yoga Membership include:

  • discounted rates for classes
  • discounted rates for workshops
  • access to the members library
  • option to serve as a Te Anau Yoga committee member
  • help guide the growth of Te Anau Yoga

Membership forms can be obtained from or upon arrival at class.

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