Teacher Profiles

 Alina Suchanski


“Yoga as a way of life”


I teach Hatha yoga. My classes focus on asana (yoga postures) performed in harmony with the breath. To me yoga does not need to be confined to a room or a studio.  Like many other yogis I like to see yoga done in the nature – on the beach, in the mountains, in my garden, so sometimes I take my class for a few warm-up exercises on the lawn outside the yoga room.

Over the years I’ve been taught and inspired by Mark Whitwell, Loris Mills, Donna Farhi, Peggy Preston, and many Hare Krishna teachers. Attending a weekend AcroYoga workshops with Jason and Chelsie Magness from the USA in April 2011 and again in March 2012 taught me that yoga can be fun, so sometimes I introduce fun into my classes.

For me yoga is a way of life. It defines my diet, my posture and my relationship to others. I have yet a long way to go before I reach mastery in all aspects of yoga. I have barely just made my first few steps. Learn more about Alina here.

10258148_10153199623766992_7281546311476049124_oTammy Magness 

“Attention to the breath reveals the wisdom of the body while steadying the mind. This is the essence of yoga practice.”

I reluctantly began practicing yoga in 2001 at the urging of my partner. In 2005 we moved to Te Anau and I began teaching my first classes in the vinyasa flow method. An avid adventurer in rock climbing, trail running, cycling and adventure racing,  yoga is a welcome complement for my body and my mind. Yoga balances strength with flexibility, activity with restoration and promotes focus and mindfulness.

I am a believer in the breath of life, and prize the breath as the primary focus of my yoga practice and teachings. I offer gratitude for this lesson to my former teachers in the Asthanga tradition.

Currently, Tammy’s teachings align the body and the mind through awareness of the breath using a variety of methodologies, including Yin, vinyasa flow, alignment-based practices and mindfulness meditations. Learn more about Tammy here.

 Noeleen Bolger 

Yoga is a Journey that I have enjoyed. I began Yoga 23 years ago when Yoga first started in the Te Anau Primary School Hall. But once children came along I got side-tracked, however I have always maintained a keen interest.

Then in March 2015 I began my Teacher Training with IYTA (NZ) and received my Diploma in March 2017. During those two years I have been practising Yoga with a small group of keen participants and they have assisted me to gain confidence and enjoy sharing what I have learnt with them. If I can assist others to find their inner joy, when tensions in the body and soul have been dissolved through Yoga practise, then I feel I am richly rewarded.


Zoe Bouchard


I started my yoga journey a bit more than 6 years ago with traditional Hatha yoga. Back then I was working at a desk for 12 hours a day and could not even reach my chins.
The most appealing thing about the practice of Yoga to me is the safe space that one can create on their mat. Whatever happens in that space, my classes approach is to observe it without judging and to be kind to yourself.
I teach Hatha Flow, Vinyasa and Yin yoga and I like to mix it up with a bit of everything in every class. My goal is to provide classes that will make you feel empowered, stronger and more flexible on and off the mat.
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